This page is dedicated to new and innovative products that we utilize. We update this page on an ongoing basis. Please contact us to receive additional information or learn of other products that we endorse and use in construction.

Bruce B ButlerWe have been fortunate to work with Bruce B. Butler AIA on several projects which he has designed to be extremely energy efficient, responsible to the environment, as well as beautiful and a pleasure to live in. It is great to collaborate with an architect and with homeowners who share our interest for sustainable construction.

Panasonic WhisperComfort™ ERV Bath FanAs Maine home builders build tighter building envelopes to save energy, we must address the effect of this “tight” construction on indoor air quality

A great product that we have discovered and are currently utilizing is the Panasonic WhisperComfort™ ERV Bath Fan Similar to a whole house air exchanger but at a much lower cost, these units exchange stale indoor air with fresh air while retaining heat inside the house. They install in each bath and collectively facilitate a healthful air exchange in the building envelope.

TripleTriple Guard™ sill sealer from Protecto is the first sill seal product which not only seals the sill plate/foundation joint, but has a unique “T” shape to also adhere to and seal the sheathing and the exterior foundation wall.

When Triple Guard™ was tested at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the product scored a 91.7% reduction in air leakage compared to conventional foam sill sealers. Maine home builders should consider this new product to help make all new homes exceptionally energy efficient, comfortable and safe.

spray foam insulationThere are a number of excellent insulation options available today. For us however, one stands out as being the best value as it balances performance and cost. Combining 2” of closed cell spray foam against the interior side of the wall sheathing with dense pack cellulose in the remainder of the wall cavity creates very effective air sealing and high R-value with no gaps or voids while maintaining full contact with all six sides of a wall cavity as recommended by Energy Star Thermal Bypass guidelines.

The BIB system will not settle over time, has no added moisture, and will not promote mold growth. When utilized with advanced framing techniques, diligent wall sealing methods, and insulated sheathing, we achieve tight wall assemblies with high R-values which manage moisture effectively.

Cellulose insulation
Cellulose insulation
Building science case studies have shown us how potentially damaging moisture driven by wind and vaporized by solar gain will enter exterior wall assemblies. Maine builders should include a drainage plane in wall systems behind the exterior siding to properly manage moisture intrusion.

GreenGuard RainDropGreenGuard RainDrop® is a woven housewrap with water drainage channels that move bulk water down to the base of the exterior wall. Vertical cords every few centimeters along the face of the housewrap create drainage channels that divert water straight down. Additionally, RainDrop® housewrap keeps the siding dry as the drainage channels facilitate airflow along the exterior of the wrap.

We are currently utilizing this product as an added measure to ensure that wall systems remain dry and tight to weather.

COR-A-VENT Siding Vent SystemUtilized together with RainDrop® housewrap, COR-A-VENT Siding Vent System completes the drainage plane allowing any wind driven or solar driven moisture to drain from behind exterior siding to prevent potential moisture related issues and damage

We install 7/16″ vent strips at the bottom of the wall sheathing that facilitate a starter strip for clapboard siding. A screen prevents insects from entering the wall assembly.

ClimateMaster Tranquility Heat PumpWe have specified geothermal heating systems featuring the ClimateMaster Tranquility Heat Pump on numerous projects. The low energy consumption of these environmentally friendly systems will save our clients significantly over their lifetimes.
ZIP system R SheathingAnother great product which we are using frequently is Huber Wood
ZIP system R Sheathing.

This product has evolved from the very popular ZIP system wall and roof sheathing and is a one-step solution to add either ½ or 1 foam insulation to achieve R values of R-3.6, and R-6.6 to the wall system, and more importantly to address heat loss through thermal bridging.

ZIP System Stretch Tape is the best window/door opening preparation flashing tape that we have utilized. As its name implies it is super stretchy and is also super sticky, even in colder weather allowing it to be applied easily.

ZIP System Stretch Tape
ZIP System Stretch Tape
Mitsubishi Heat Pump systemsIt is our pleasure to work with Royal River Heat Pumps of Freeport Maine to include high efficiency ducted and ductless Mitsubishi Heat Pump systems in many of our projects. These systems provide very efficient year round comfort to our homeowner clients.

Royal River Heat Pumps

Tamarack TechnologiesWe were recently asked to include a whole house fan installation on one of our new home construction projects.

We found a great energy efficient product that provides whole house cooling in warm weather, and does not contribute to cold air infiltration during the heating season.

Additional energy efficient products can also be found at the Tamarack Technologies website.

Boral Siding and TrimWe have recently completed a project which utilized Boral exterior siding and trim products. Boral is manufactured from 70% recycled materials and is extremely moisture resistant and durable making it a very sustainable product and is very dimensionally stable during moisture and temperature fluctuations unlike other non-wood siding and trim options. The thing we liked best however is that once installed it is indistinguishable from wood siding and trim (unlike other non-wood siding and trim products). We look forward to using it again on future projects!