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Mini Split Heat Pump HVAC

We have utilized mini split heat pump HVAC systems in a number of our projects over the past several years. Most of these have been Mitsubishi systems and have been installed by our excellent trade partner Royal River Heat Pumps in Freeport ME.

Customer feedback indicates that these systems are extremely quiet, cost efficient to operate, and provide reliable heating throughout our cold Maine winter weather.
Of course they also provide warm weather air conditioning which more and more of our clients have been including in their “must have” list when designing their new homes.
The cost of these systems is much less than adding air conditioning to an LP or Fuel oil heated home project, and the efficiency is far better (cost to operate is much lower).

These systems are available as ducted systems with no exposed equipment, wall hung units, and floor units all of which have been utilized in our projects.

Mini spit heat pump HVAC should be a consideration for your new home project.