LP Smartside Siding

We will be utilizing LP Smartside siding products on an up-coming project and are looking forward to comparing for ourselves how this highly rated product stacks up to the Hardi fiber cement siding products that we have installed on so many projects over the years. We will be installing a mix of clapboard siding as … Read More

Mini Split Heat Pump HVAC

We have utilized mini split heat pump HVAC systems in a number of our projects over the past several years. Most of these have been Mitsubishi systems and have been installed by our excellent trade partner Royal River Heat Pumps in Freeport ME. 

Customer feedback indicates that these systems are extremely quiet, cost efficient to … Read More

Boral Siding and Trim

We have recently completed a project where Boral siding and trim products were utilized. Boral is manufactured with 70% recycled materials, is extremely moisture resistant, and is dimensionally stable during temperature and humidity changes (unlike wood and other non wood siding and trim products). It looks great installed and is indistinguishable from wood siding and trim … Read More

Blower Door Testing up-date #3

I have previously made blog entries regarding blower door shell testing on new home construction to locate and address air leaks within the building envelope of conditioned space. These tests are conducted by an independent energy auditor once a new home is tight to weather and (typically) after it has been insulated. Recently we conducted … Read More

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